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Professor Peter O'Sullivan
Dip Physio, Post Grad Dip Manip Ther, PhD, FACP, APAM

Clinical Director & Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2005)

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He is a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2005) and Professor of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at Curtin University. Internationally recognised as a leading clinician, researcher and educator in Physiotherapy, he has published more than 100 research papers, been keynote speaker at 60 national and international conferences and taught in 22 countries on the diagnosis and management of persistent pain disorders.

Peter consults three days per week at Body Logic where he reviews complex musculoskeletal pain disorders, and works closely with all the clinical staff to ensure the highest level of clinical care is provided within the practice.

His interests include keeping physically active, spending time with his family and pursuing creative activities.

Peter currently practices at the Shenton Park clinic.

Dip Physio (1987)
Grad Dip Mani Ther (2000)
PhD (1998)
FACP (2005)

Pete's Links

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Peter O'Sullivan presenting around the globe

Acute low back pain: Beyond drug therapies - Prof Peter O'Sullivan & Ivan Lin in Pain Management Today January 2014, Vol 1, Issue 1

Back Pain Research - The Senior WA Perth - 01.09.13

Pain: A many-headed hydra that demands new approach - Prof Peter O'Sullivan in www.nzDoctor.co.uk - 21.08.13

InTouch Issue 3 2013, Sacroiliac joint – pelvis series, Dr Darren Beales, FACP,
and Professor Peter O’Sullivan, FACP.

Prof Peter O'Sullivan speaking at NZMPA Conference

Pain Explained - Why is my back so "crook"? Truths and Myths about Back Pain - Prof Pete O'Sullivan talks at Wyllie Arthritis Centre on Saturday 25th May

Cognitive function therapy for low back pain - Professor Peter O'Sullivan on ABC Radio National Health Report - 8.04.13

Core stability with Prof Peter O'Sullivan

Targeted therapies can help alleviate back pain: study - Professor Peter O'Sullivan in 'The Converstaion' 21.03.13

Cognitive functional therapy - 7.11.12
An interview with Professor Peter O'Sullivan discussing the development of the Cognitive Functional Therapy system.

pdfMan on a Mission - Prof Peter O'Sullivan in 'Frontline' 24.10.12
Peter O'Sullivan has developed a new way of tackling complex back pain disorders. Sally Priestley caught up with him.

Body Logic lecturing around the world - 13.9.12
Professor Peter O'Sullivan is a key note speaker at three international conferences, talking about his teams innovative research into the management of chronic spinal pain.

Beliefs about back pain influence disability - 6.8.12
Professor Peter O'Sullivan and colleagues at Curtin University explain a study they performed outlining the substantial impact belief's play on the course of disabling back pain.

pdfChanging how we manage back pain - Prof Peter O'Sullivan in 'Mediacal Forum WA' May 2012
This true story highlights the personal, social and economic burden of persistent back pain and the failure of current therapies to effectively address the problem.

Understanding patient problems - 28.3.12
A presentation by Professor Peter O'Sullivan at the Australian Physiotherapy Association conference on the importance of communication and getting the bottom of problems.

pdfCommunication and the Capacity to Change - Prof Peter O'Sullivan in the APA 'In Touch Issue 1 2012'
The things that you say can have more influence on a patient’s journey than what you do. What follows is based on an APA Conference presentation by Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Peter O’Sullivan.

Time to put away the magic bullet theory of back pain – Prof Peter O’Sullivan in 'BodyinMind.org' 14.5.10
A website about research into the role of the brain & mind in chronic pain. Professor Peter O'Sullivan discusses the need to manage chronic nonspecific low-back pain disorders with a flexible, creative and person-centred approach.

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